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Marleth Lobato

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Director of Music and Worship

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This position oversees, manages and/or coordinates all aspects of spirit-led and faith-building music, drama, dance, visual and other artistic expressions of worship campus-wide. The Music and Worship Arts Director is committed to a blended/convergence worship style that is creative, visionary, flexible, diverse and consistent with the Heritage of Faith of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. The position reports to the EMIC Director of Operations. PRINCIPAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Works closely with the senior pastors to develop worship programming that supports and enhances their vision and goals for our congregation and partners. • Develops, oversees and/or coordinates the growth of all campus-wide music and worship arts programs for all ages. • Responsible for the creation, development, and direction of the church choirs for: a. Adult b. Young adult c. Youth d. Children • Plans and provides program development and leadership for EMIC Worship Nights; Provides a platform for guests and new talent • Provides musical support for visiting ministers/guests with appropriate music • Manages the musical flow for prayer meetings • Key producer of musical writing, orchestration and execution of musical productions • Develop band for children, youth, and young adults; Includes musical instrument instruction • Provide and develop support for KCM meetings • Teach technical school including music theory, fundamentals of instrumentation • Provides community outreaches via teambuilding for music lessons and events • Develop song writers • Develop new music team for church planting efforts • Key contributor and manager of Television/Network Productions a. Write music for Spots, Opens, Closes, Programming • Oversees the spiritual and artistic development of music teams by equipping and ministering to the individual members of those teams. • Oversees the spiritual and artistic development of the various worship arts leaders and teams by ministering to them through prayer, teaching, coaching, training, mentoring and Godly example. • Works in coordination and consultation with the KCM Music Consultant to promote worship arts continuity and integration ministry-wide. • Teaches or preaches in EMIC/KCM services and Kenneth Copeland Bible College when scheduled. • Encourages high standards of spiritual commitment and ministry excellence in all worship arts team members, holding them accountable for their public ministry at EMIC/KCM OTHER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Researches, develops and selects worship music consistent with the message and culture of EMIC • Works with the Creative Service Team to determine flow of services • Creates service flow elements for each service and enters them into Planning Center Online for all team members to use for service preparation • Oversees all rehearsals related to the campus-wide music program to insure professionalism, timeliness and productivity • Conducts auditions and rehearsals, and directs all development, training and selection of team members for all praise and worship and music teams • Develops skill sets of all music team members for special audio and video recordings • Oversees the maintenance of ACS roster and Planning Center Online databases of all praise and worship team members and potential substitute musicians • Oversees the scheduling of rehearsals and music team members for all EMIC services campus-wide • Oversees preparation of new instrumental and vocal charts for adult music teams and provides lyrics for all new music to teleprompt team • Oversees the maintenance of music chart/ lyric books, archives and online resources for all praise and worship team members campus-wide • Oversees the preparation and maintenance of all records and reports relating to CCLI (church copyright licensing) • Conducts training classes, seminars and workshops in related areas • Provides direction to audio, TV, internet and tape duplication with regards to services • Oversees staff, contractors and volunteers who lead Student Ministries worship programs and teams (i.e., Superkids, 1440, Young Adults, etc.) • Plans seasonal and special event worship services SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: • Pastoral, musical and artistic oversight of worship arts teams’ campus-wide • Leading, organizing, managing, training and providing feedback worship arts staff, students and volunteers JOB REQUIREMENTS: Education: • Preferred Bible School or College degree Experience: • Minimum five years praise and worship experience • Minimum five years administrative/supervisory experience • Full-time pastoral/ministry experience preferred • Demonstrated leadership/management abilities • Demonstrated experience leading a congregation in corporate worship • Demonstrated musical & vocal skill at a very high level Skills/Abilities: • Ability to lead praise and worship • Keyboard or instrument abilities preferred • Music and ear training preferred • Ability to read music and assist with musical arrangements • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills • Ability to communicate professionally in both verbal and written form • Ability to react with appropriate urgency to situations and events that require quick response or turnaround OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: • Travel to various sites for ministry on behalf of EMIC or KCM. • Other related duties as assigned. • Demonstrate a spirit of excellence, self-motivation and the ability to take initiative • Operate with pre-emptive thinking, must be discerning and able to make good judgment decisions with minimum supervision EQUIPMENT TO BE USED: • Computer, Telephone, Audio Equipment, Printer, Copier, Fax Machine TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS: • Must be able to stand for a extended periods of time • Requires manual dexterity sufficient to operate standard office machines such as computers, fax machines, calculators, telephones and other office equipment • Must be able to lift 30 lbs. • Requires excellent hearing and vocal abilities • Requires normal range of vision • Must be able to pull, push, stand, sit, stoop, bend, reach, move or carry equipment TYPICAL MENTAL DEMANDS: • Must be able to multi task, problem solve and organize, with ability to see the big picture as well as the details, a proactive thinker, a visionary, motivator, decisive and confident WORKING CONDITIONS: • Works in a fast-paced creative environment including rehearsals, church services and an office environment • Must be able to work nights and weekends OTHER: • Born again believer and must adhere to the doctrines of this organization as upheld by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and their appointed representatives • Must work well with others, as a team and according to Romans 16:17, must not cause dissension and division • Must maintain a good attendance record • Must be a member of EMIC, regularly attend church services, and support the leadership of EMIC. • Must be a regular tither to EMIC. • Must possess a servant’s hear and operate as Armor Bearer. • Sensitive to needs of others, which includes a love and commitment to the members and congregation of EMIC and Kenneth Copeland Ministries staff. • Interpersonal skills necessary to interact with diverse groups of people, considerable skill and diplomacy in communication. Ability to build effective working relationships inside and outside departments or groups. • Self-motivated and takes initiative. Ability to react with appropriate urgency to situations and events that require quick response or turnaround. • Operates with pre-emptive thinking and must be discerning and able to make good judgment calls with minimum supervision.


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