The Bottom Line

Instructor: Stephen Bransford
Class Hours: 10
Every communication between a ministry and an audience must provide an opportunity for people to respond! This class sets the course of the entire year by setting our focus on raising the bottom line for the ministries we serve.

Logo Design

Instructor: Autumn Nakkula
Class Hours: 10
If you can take one glance and recognize Nike, McDonald’s, and Starbucks, then your ministry logo needs to do the same when donors look your way! This workshop will equip you with the basics of building a brand that will distinguish your ministry from among the rest.


Instructor: Jordan Warner
Class Hours: 10
Learn what it takes to build attractive, up-to-date Wordpress website where visitors turn into donors.

Newsletter Editing

Instructor: Autumn Nakkula
Class Hours: 10
Once you get the content ready for your letter, how do you put it together in a quick way and still look professional? By using simple tools we will easily build a letter layout that will impress your audience every month.

1,000 Words + Blogging

Instructors: Jeff & Autumn Nakkula
Class Hours: 10
If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then let your images tell the story. In this workshop learn how to take photos that will lead the audience into actually reading your material on website blogs, and how to write the content for the blog post itself.


Instructors: Stephen Bransford
Class Hours: 10
Jesus used stories to communicate, why shouldn’t we? Storytelling is essential to any effective communications, and you need this class to learn how to tell your best story!

Video Camera Basics for Interviews

Instructor: Steve Flanigan
Class Hours: 10
This workshop will give you the basics on getting started- ranging from how to turn on the camera to cool functions that you never knew it had!

Fundraising Writing

Instructor: Stephen Bransford
Class Hours: 10
How do you ask for money? And more importantly, how do you avoid manipulation? This workshop will help you deal with these questions and get you writing in a way that raises the big bucks--- legitimately.

Video B-Roll

Instructor: Jeff Nakkula
Class Hours: 10
This exciting class will help you get the most out of your video camera and shoot like a pro! The class will cover shooting techniques & tools, and will get you beyond strictly automatic modes. We will also cover basic lighting techniques, shooting good coverage for editing, and tips on getting good audio.

Video Producing Basics

Instructor: Sean O'Hair
Class Hours:10
If preparation is the key to success, then prayerful pre-production is the key to successful videos. This Video Producing workshop examines the essentials of pre-production necessary for a successful video, emphasizing the importance of hearing and deferring to God as your Head Producer.

Editing 101

Instructor: Michael Mohr
Class Hours: 10
What is the purpose of editing? In this class you will learn the basic theory of video and audio editing and how to effectively make use of the tools available to you. Starting from creating a project in Adobe Premiere Pro to sweetening the audio and video after you complete the piece.

Video Motion Graphics in After Effects

Instructor: Jonathon Giamio
Class Hours: 10
Motion Graphics sweeten your video project and draw the viewers into your message like a kid into a candy shop. In this Workshop you will learn how to add life and meaning to your designs that will not only complement your piece but enhance your overall finished product.

Making Media A Business

Instructor: Steve Flanigan and Jordan Warner
Class Hours: 10
The Media field is an exciting one to enter, but how do you start a business, deal with clients, and get paid? Full-time communications professionals teach you how to get your business off the ground.

Editing Photos in Adobe Photoshop

Instructor: Monica Bryant
Class Hours: 10
Learn how to manipulate photos in Adobe Photoshop to get your best image.

Media Production Techniques

Instructor: Craig Forrest
Class Hours: 10
Learn quick tips and common pitfalls in producing videos, building websites, and sharing on social media.

Course Title: Film Theory

Instructor: Mike Stephens
Class Hours: 10
By studying films, you will learn the basics to any good video production.

Group Project

Instructors: Autumn & Jeff Nakkula
Class Hours: 60
The students in groups will create a group project and present it before the class and their instructors.

Plus More Professional Guest Speakers throughout the Spring Semester as you work on your Group Projects.