"You've got a story, and its better than you think."

- Stephen Bransford, Director of the Media School


3rd Year Business School

“Transmit the Gospel Around the World.”

 The Media School is a fast-paced, hands-on program that equips students to begin a career in media ministry. Students learn from experienced professionals with strong backgrounds in written communication, graphic design, video production, AVL, film, and website construction. The school’s workshop environment allows students to utilize cutting edge tools while learning to build media communications from the ground up.

The classroom includes Apple computers, High Definition Video Cameras, and professional Adobe software that students use to learn and hone their skills in support of Christian organizations. Third year Media School student at Charis Bible College

Top 5 Features of the Media School
1) Each graded assignment in our school is a real project for a real organization. No tests here! 
2) Our classes update and evolve with the technology. 
3) Our staff and teachers are actively working professionals in their trade.
4) Students have workshop time in class to work on their assignments while receiving help from the Media School staff.
5) Half of the school year is dedicated video classes, which our students love! 

What type of person should enroll in Media School?
A person who is excited about communications for ministries by way of either video, print, or on the internet!

Cinema Arts Program

Media is such a powerful resource for the Kingdom of God that we’ve had to expand Media School to a fourth term. The summer of 2016 saw the landmark program of Cinema Arts at Charis. Dedicated students who chose to attend the film school learned script writing, the intricacies of production planning, cinematography, and the art of post-production. The fruits of their labor resulted in “A Real Good Lesson.”


Watch the making of A Real Good Lesson

Media School Director Stephen BransfordABOUT THE DIRECTOR, STEPHEN BRANSFORD:
For more than forty years, Stephen Bransford has served as a professional communicator with Jim Bakker, Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, Reinhard Bonnke, James Robison, Robert Tilton, the Assemblies of God, the Boy Scouts of America, and others. He is an award-winning Christian author, with novels published by Doubleday, Crossway, and Thomas Nelson.