Charis Worship is the worship team from Charis Bible College located in Woodland Park, CO. At the foot of Pikes Peak, you’ll find a passionate group of worshipers who are unashamed of the grace message of Jesus.  Every Monday and Wednesday we gather our 800+ students on campus, joining with 4000 students online worldwide at our other campuses, and we worship together for an hour.  Led by Daniel Amstutz, the father and founder of the group, we have discovered that the sound of unity in generations is a very powerful force of the Spirit.  Displaying this unity is the signature sound of our cultural diverse group of worshipers called Charis Worship.

“We Come Alive” is a collection of songs birthed out of a desire for the Church to really know that God has designed us to COME ALIVE in Him. Written by mostly staff members, these songs are God-breathed to bring to life the listener to the voice and activity of the Holy Spirit in our lives. To walk in the fullness of God is to know who we are and what we’re about. He is for us, He is alive in us, and we activate the power of His Spirit in us by meditating on Him, His Word, and His goodness to us.  Through this worship experience, it is our prayer that you will COME ALIVE in His promises for you! The past is behind you. Only His faithfulness remains ahead.  


Charis Worship is a multi-cultural, multi-generational team of Charis Bible College students and staff who know who they are in Christ, are passionate about responding in Spirit and truth to His revelation, and boldly live a lifestyle of worship with a passion for His presence and compassion for people. (Daniel's Contribution)