Charis Bible College does not currently offer dormitory housing to its students; all students are responsible for finding their own housing in the area. We've provided a Relocation Guide to the Colorado Springs area to help you in your search. This guide contains not only resources for housing, but also, employment, schools and churches. We hope it helps you as you prepare for the next life changing step!

How do I find housing in the Woodland Park or Colorado Springs, CO areas?

Many of our students find housing through the internet using our Woodland Park, CO zip code which is 80863. To inquire about the city of Colorado Springs and to get information on housing and employment, please visit the following web sites: or go to and click on "Relocation". Download our Relocation Guide for more information.

Where can I find a job?

Here is an employment resource you may find useful: and click on "Relocation" and then "Employment". Download our Relocation Guide for more information.

Can I work for Charis Bible College or Andrew Wommack Ministries?

Any job opportunities would be placed on the Andrew Wommack Ministries website in the "Jobs" section. If you are interested in pursuing a listed position, you may download and submit an application.

What is like to live in Woodland Park, CO (the new location of CBC)?

Information about Woodland Park and the surrounding area may be found at:

What is it like to live in Colorado Springs?

Information about Colorado Springs and the surrounding area may be found at: