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    Daniel Amstutz and the Charis Bible College Worship Ministry present fourteen tracks, recorded live with the entire student body, including original songs written by Charis Bible College School of Worship students. DVD contains lyrics for you to use at your church or bible study!
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    Correspondence Program

    Can't come to one of our campuses? You can take the entire first-year of study, 39 courses in all, recorded live at Charis Bible College Colorado in your own home! Work at your own pace, in your own time.
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  • Campus-days-3d-dvd

    Campus Days 2014

    This set contains 11 CDs or DVDs recorded live at Charis Bible College's 2014 Campus Days in Colorado Springs. Discover God's Word For You with these teachings from Andrew Wommack (6), Lawson Perdue (1), Paul Milligan (1), Wendell Parr (1), Barry Bennett (1), and Greg Mohr (1).
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  • Healing-school-flash-drive-2014-2011-2013

    Healing School

    Choose from three entire years of Healing School! Or for a limited time, order all three for a discounted rate. Enjoy audio teaching on healing from many of our teachers and guest speakers right here at Charis Bible College Colorado.
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  • Mens-2014-3d-dvd

    Mens Advance 2014

    This set contains 6 DVDs or CDs recorded live at Charis Bible College's 2013 Men's Advance in Colorado Springs. Enjoy teaching from Andrew Wommack (4), Arthur Meintjes (1), and Greg Mohr (1).
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  • Scripturesliveby-bookstore

    Scriptures to Live By

    Greg Mohr compiles an arsenal of scriptures in forty-one essential categories that will arm you to face life's difficulties successfully. This book is a tremendous resource for counseling, Bible study, personal reference, and dealing with life's greatest needs. "Man shall not live by bread alone... but by every Word of God" -Luke 4:4
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  • Barry600x600

    Did God Do This To Me?

    Is God controlling everything in my life? Is the Lord punishing me for something I did wrong? Why was I created? These and many more questions are answered by Charis Bible College’s Barry Bennett in DID GOD DO THIS TO ME? Barry takes a scriptural approach to each question and guides you through each verse related to the topic.
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    Your Healing Door

    12 keys that can unlock healing for you and those you love. Are you or someone you love suffering with a chronic illness? Has someone you know been diagnosed with a terminal disease? Have you become "sidelined" from healing ministry because you prayed for someone and they failed to improve… or they died? Then hope and encouragement await you within the pages of this book!
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  • Corr-class

    Prayer Ministry Training

    Charis Bible College is excited to offer to you our new training manual for its School of Healing. This course is applicable for any believer who wants to be trained in "how to minister" to those in need of healing, as well as, pastors and leaders who also want to grow in this area. It would be great to use in Bible studies, Sunday school or even in an educational school setting.
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    Setting Your Financial House in Order

    Join Paul Milligan as he reveals the principles the Lord taught him that caused his dream to start his own business and provide jobs for people to become a reality. As he shares the personal stories of his journey you will laugh, you will cry, and be filled with hope to walk in the financial freedom God has ordained for you.
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    Responding CD

    Worship Music from the Charis Bible College Worship Band.
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    La Sanidad

    Barry Bennett teaches his Healing course from Charis Bible College in Spanish.
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  • Web-generational-worship

    Generational Worship

    Traditional hymns with an organ. Rock & Roll with an electric guitar. With each new generation, there seems to be a newer style that puts a gap between the older and younger in the Body of Christ! Does God prefer one style of music over another? Is one style more holy than another? The Father is calling true worshippers to bridge the generational gap, no matter what the instrument or song list includes! Come explore this teaching why generational worship matters to the heart of God with Daniel Amstutz on this 3 DVD set.
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    CBC Necklaces and Keychains

    All profits from the sales of this jewelry go into our Charis Bible College Missions Fund. Thank you for supporting Charis Bible College and our student mission trips.
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