Tuition is $120 (USD) per course. This is paid online at the time of enrollment in each course.

Registration Fee:

Currently there is no registration fee for the online program. However, if you choose to continue with the second year program at one of our physical campuses, you will be responsible for any registration fees charged by that campus at that time.

Re-Instatement Fee:

After you have registered and started classes online, you are free to skip later terms to suit your schedule. However, if you do not enroll in any classes for more than 2 consecutive terms, your student status may be changed to inactive. If your status becomes inactive, you are still free to enroll in classes again in later terms. However, there will be a $60 (USD) fee to reactivate your status at the time of future enrollments.

Payment Methods:

All tuition and fees are in US Dollars. All payments are made online by credit or debit card (this is the only form of payment available). All costs subject to change without notice.

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