How do I enroll in online courses?

Enroll in Online Courses

Is this only for people going into ministry?

No. It is excellent ministry training. However, it is also for anyone who wants to better understand God’s word or grow in their relationship with God.

Do I need to take classes at a fixed time?
No. You are free to complete the lessons at your convenience anytime. The only time guideline is that once you start a course, 2 lessons are assigned each week until the course is complete. These lessons need to be completed during that week. But they can be done anytime that week 24/7.
Must I commit to taking all the courses in the program, or can I take only those I want?
You are not required to commit to taking all courses in the program. You can take as few or as many as you want. And you can take as many terms as you want to complete them.
Is there a recommended class load per term?
This is mostly dependent on your schedule and motivation. There are no restrictions. But taking more than 8-10 courses per term is not recommended since it probably would be very difficult for most people. If you want to complete all courses in a reasonable time, then 5 or 6 courses per term is our best suggestion.
When do classes start?
Classes start at the beginning of each term. New terms start every 6 to 8 weeks continuously throughout the year. Accommodating your schedule is very easy. Please see our Online Program Schedule for more information.
Are classes or discussions conducted live?
No. Classes are delivered by audio/video that is accessible online at your convenience. The lesson discussions are conducted in an online discussion board dedicated to your class. Discussions are available for you to read and respond to anytime you choose to log on.
Are courses available in languages other than English?
No. All content is in English only.
What must I do to complete the first-year program and be ready to start the second year on campus?
Please see our Requirements for Completion of First-Year Program page. 
What if I need help?
Contact Us!
What Internet browser should I use?
Please see our Browser Recommendations page.
What if there are not enough students for a class?
CBC will cancel the class for that term and refund the tuition for that class. You should be able to reschedule that course for the next term.
What if a class canceled and I need it this term to complete year 1 in time to join the second year program?
Contact us to discuss your options.
Does the CBC Online program qualify for Veterans benefits?
No. CBC distance learning options (online & correspondence) do not qualify for VA benefits. Only the on-campus program qualifies.
Who are the CBC staff members in our online courses?
CBC Online Facilitators are mature believers who are well established in God’s word and the teachings of CBC. Most are graduates of CBC. Many of them have also completed the CBC Apprenticeship program. Some are teachers and directors of CBC extension schools. Many also have teaching & leadership experience at the Colorado school.
Will CBC send me books or videos in the mail?
No. All materials are delivered to you online. There is nothing to mail to you.
Once I have enrolled where do I login? How do I get started?
Before your lessons start, you will receive an email with all the instructions needed to login and get started. Typically, you will receive this email by the Friday before the course starting date.  You can view this same information on our How Your Course Works page.
How long will I have access to courses that I purchased?

Please see our “Access to Past Courses” policy (which can be found on our Policies page)

How can I see the courses that I took in the Old System.

 Please see My Courses from the Old System.

What does it mean for an online course to be featured?

From time to time CBC may elect to feature a course in a specific term.  CBC may do this to encourage new people to try the online college, or for existing students to experience a new instructor or course.  During the feature period, ANYONE can enroll in a featured course for the special price.  The course is exactly the same as it is in other terms.  We simply promote it more and offer it at a special price during this period.

Will you be featuring other courses in the future?  If so, what courses and when?

It is possible that CBC will occasionally feature more online courses in the future.  However, the schedule and course selection for features will not be publicized until a feature starts.

Will you be featuring or discounting courses through any other programs (Correspondence, Night School, campuses, etc.)?

At this time there are no plans to feature courses through any other programs.  Currently this is only intended to promote our latest program, CBC Online.

If I already enrolled in a course that is offered in a later term for a lower price, can I get a refund for the difference in the price that I paid?

No, there are no refunds issued for price changes that occur at later times.