Charis School of Worship focuses on mentoring students and developing in them character and integrity. Our mission is to equip and impart to those with a call to worship ministry that they may be able to disciple others in the way of worship. Course work for this program includes Theology of Worship, Music Theory, Song Writing, Music Lessons, Bible Doctrines, Relationship with God and more!


What is worship?

  • At Charis we believe worship is a response to God’s grace. We worship not to get God to appear; we worship him because of what He has done. We worship Him because He is with us and will never leave us.

What does it mean to be “called” to worship?

  • We believe a call is our response to God’s inspiration; it means you are set apart as an equipper of the body of Christ to train in worship, not just to lead worship on a stage, but to lead others in a life of worship. You are to go forth and create disciples of worship.

What does impartation and equipping look like?

  • Impartation is the opportunity to receive the knowledge of teachers in a way that will empower you to go further in understanding than those who’ve gone before you. At Charis this looks like mentoring our students and developing in them character and integrity apart from technical skills.
  • Equipping supplies and prepares you with the necessary items to live the call. At Charis this looks like course work in Theology of Worship, Music Theory, Song Writing, Music Lessons, Bible Doctrines, Relationship with God and more!

What is Discipleship?

  • Discipleship is the act of training others to do what we do, in this case, to live as worshippers!

How do I apply?

  • All CBC graduates from any CBC in the U.S. or abroad are eligible to apply. Please, contact us for more information!

Meet the Staff

“Daniel Amstutz has an awesome New Covenant attitude toward praise and worship that I have been waiting 50 years to hear!  Praise God! I am excited!" - Andrew Wommack

Daniel Amstutz

Daniel Amstutz - Director, School of Worship

Daniel has been described by many as a “father” of the modern worship movement, helping to pioneer and mentor many who continue to have tremendous impact on the body of Christ and modern culture as well. Daniel is a published songwriter and recording artist and has served as a pastor and teacher for over thirty years. Daniel is an ordained minister and holds Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Theology degrees. Daniel currently serves as the Coordinator for the New Life School of Worship Mentoring/Discipleship Program and teaches and leads worship at Charis Bible College. Daniel and Tracy have been married for thirty-three years and have two grown children and three grandchildren.

Hear the Teaching

A Better Way to Worship - Daniel Amstutz

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