Third-Year - School of Media

Charis Bible College's School of Media is a hands-on workshop where students go beyond theory to build media communications from the ground up. Our students actually build media for real ministries.

Experienced communications professionals instruct students two hours per week in lecture. The rest of the week students participate in hands-on workshops. The classroom includes Apple computers, High Definition Video Cameras, and professional Adobe Software that students use to promote ministries.

Workshops Include:

Branding & Graphic Design

  • Through marketing skills learn how to build concepts that will push a ministry to the forefront, causing it to stand out from the crowd.

Print Media

  • Build exciting Newsletters, Fundraising Letters, Brochures, and PowerPoint presentations. Learn to shoot photographs that turn heads and tell a story, drawing readers into ministry material from cover to cover!


  • Learn what it takes to build attractive, up-to-date websites where visitors turn into donors.


  • Ministries come to life when documented in video. From big screen projection, to web videos, to world-wide broadcast Television, you experience all the steps to produce videos that connect new audiences worldwide.
  • Students also learn what it takes to set up A/V for live events, run a media business and deal with clients, graciously work on a team with other media ministers, and much, much more. Come get your hands on the tools that are changing the world! Download a complete list of courses.


How do I apply?

  • All CBC graduates from any CBC in the U.S. or abroad are eligible to apply. Please, contact us for more information!


 Meet the Staff

 Stephen Bransford

Stephen Bransford - Director, School of Media

Stephen launched Andrew's Gospel Truth TV broadcast in 2000. He has seen the ministry grow dynamically through media, multiplying the outreach in the last decade. His vision for Healing Journeys, Vol I, II, & III has broken all ministry records for audience response. Before joining Andrew he enjoyed serving as media consultant, fund raiser, and television producer for clients such as Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, James Robison, and Reinhard Bonnke. Stephen has also authored several books.


Jeff and Autumn Nakkula - School of Media Coordinators

Jeff and Autumn are CBC Colorado graduates. They are a husband and wife production team, united in the vision for expanding ministries through media. They recently spent a year with Charis Bible College - India, creating a DVD that energized and expanded the ministry support base. Autumn had the privilege of serving in the Television Department at Andrew Wommack Ministries for 5 years. Together, they own and operate a media business, and have one son named Isaac. Learn more about Jeff and Autumn!