What classes do I take… and when?

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You have a lot of flexibility in scheduling your classes. There are a few courses that need to follow previous courses in a series. But aside from those, you are free to take whichever courses you choose in any term. Also there is no restriction on how many or how few courses you take each term. You can take more classes during terms when you have more time, and fewer classes when you have less. Since new terms start every 6 to 8 weeks, it is easy to adjust your school workload from term to term with Charis Online.

If you would like some guidance on what courses to take first, you might consider choosing from the following list:

  • Old Testament Survey I - Wendell Parr 
  • Sure Foundation - Andrew Wommack
  • Basics of Righteousness - Andrew Wommack
  • Introduction to the Bible - Barry Bennett
  • Basic Bible Doctrines - Lawson Perdue

You may view the Requirements for Completion of First-Year Program.

NOTE: Interactive courses are subject to minimum enrollment levels. Charis reserves the right to cancel classes at its sole discretion. If a course is canceled by Charis, the student will receive a refund for that class.