Joel & Jenni Holt

In 2012, Joel and Jenni discovered Charis Bible College Kansas City and the revelation of grace through the summer Bible study fellowships being taught by the directors.  Jenni enrolled in the fall of 2012 and Joel followed shortly after.  The “Charis Experience” has forever changed their lives and altered the path of God’s call on their lives.  Andrew’s teaching, ‘God Wants You Well’ had a profound effect on their lives, and the lives of those around them.  They served in an International Healing Room in Kansas City for a year, seeing God touch many lives and were given the opportunity to open a Healing Room in their local church.

Joel and Jenni will celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary in June 2015.  They have two beautiful daughters, two grandchildren and one more on the way.  Joel and Jenni love ministering healing to the body of Christ, spending time with their children and grandchildren and taking vacations in the Mexican Riviera.