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My Wife—In a Bar?

04/12/17 at 06:00 AM

If someone came up to you, and said, “I saw Barry’s wife coming out of a bar last night!” You might believe it. But if they came up to me and said that, I would know it was a lie.

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You’re Not a Sinner Saved by Grace!

03/15/17 at 06:00 AM

We still sin. We still make mistakes. We still fall short, but you are not a sinner saved by grace!

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So, You Want to Be Rich?

03/08/17 at 06:00 AM

There are many people that are considered rich in the world system. They may be millionaires on paper, but they don't have anything to give.

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Thank You Mr. Devil

02/22/17 at 06:00 AM

Now, I know that you probably never thought you’d ever be thanking the devil for anything. Right? But you can. You can thank him for proof!

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God's Anointed--Or a Worm?

02/01/17 at 06:00 AM

Have you ever had those days when you wake up in the morning thinking, ‘Wow, Lord, I’m so spiritual right now. I'm so anointed’? And then, not even an hour later, you get frustrated...

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Perfecting the World

01/25/17 at 06:00 AM

You can have a huge impact on this world without being in fulltime ministry! Did you know that the Jewish people consider work to be worship?

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Rejected or Accepted in the Beloved?

01/18/17 at 06:00 AM

No matter where it comes from, rejection can cause great damage in how we see ourselves and our value to others.

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Effortless Change Instead of New Year’s...

01/04/17 at 06:00 AM

I know that effortless change sounds impossible to most people. The vast majority of people view change as one of the most traumatic experiences in life. But there is a way to change...

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Lessons from the Christmas Story

12/21/16 at 06:00 AM Catalyst Support

As I’ve grow older, I’ve come to appreciate the positive side of Christmas much more. Some of the greatest lessons in Scripture are hidden in the account of Christ’s birth, and the average...

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Praise and Thanksgiving Over Fear and...

11/16/16 at 06:00 AM

The question is, how do we counter the negativism of the world, even the church world, that crowds in on us from every direction?

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Decisions Determine Destiny

10/19/16 at 06:00 AM

It’s true that the Lord can get you to your destiny another way. He’s certainly smarter than a GPS device that “recalculates” when you miss a turn. There is always a later flight with...

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Peace of God

10/12/16 at 06:00 AM

How do we cultivate the Peace of God in our lives?

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The Power of One

10/05/16 at 06:00 AM

Recently, Pastor Lawson Perdue’s right to free speech was denied when he was told he could no longer include the name of Jesus in his ads on 20 bus benches, even though he has been advertising...

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Why Business Finance is the Foundation...

09/28/16 at 06:00 AM

CEO, Paul Milligan, a man with 40 years of business experience, learned that he did not have the skills to properly manage his company financially.

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Grace—A License to Sin?

09/21/16 at 06:00 AM

People always ask, “But doesn’t grace give people a license to sin?” To which I must respond, “No. Grace simply exposes the motivations of our hearts.” The Grace of God is what leads...

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How to Be a Water Walker

09/14/16 at 06:00 AM

God has miracles He’s wanting to manifest in your life. The story of Peter walking on the water is power-packed with truths. Walk on top of your problems instead of being overcome by...

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Financial Freedom—God’s Promise

04/18/16 at 06:00 AM

As we embrace stewardship and giving, God has more than enough for us to live in financial freedom. It’s His Promise!

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1, 2, 3 Method: How Leaders and Managers...

04/13/16 at 06:00 AM

As a leader or manager, giving strong directives is a balance of empowering, clarifying and instigating. It is the task of getting things done while also making room for suggestions

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Who Is The Holy Spirit?

03/23/16 at 06:22 AM

The trinity is the highest example of unity in relationship. Each member has equal value, unique roles, but a unified purpose.

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God is not Cheap!

02/10/16 at 06:00 AM

These examples show the Lord's willingness to meet our needs with plenty to spare. God is not cheap!

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The Comforting Ministry of the Holy Spirit...

02/03/16 at 06:00 AM Catalyst Support

A large portion of the church (Christians) has been convinced that the negative, convicting and condemning emotions they experience in their daily lives is the work of the Holy Spirit...

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Did Jesus ever meet a homosexual?

01/27/16 at 04:07 PM

The time in which Jesus lived was no different from Moses’ or ours today. The problems never change—nor does the answer. Jesus has always been mankind’s Deliverer.

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The World—Better or Worse?

01/06/16 at 06:00 AM

Is evil taking over or is the world getting better with a great harvest of souls taking place?

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Why I celebrate Christmas

12/17/15 at 06:04 AM

In the fight against the de-Christianizing of our nation, I think the Christmas celebration is a great victory.

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Tune in to Life

12/16/15 at 06:00 AM

Is what we think about so important? Absolutely. “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” (Prov. 23:7)

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