Welcome to AMP, the Alumni Member Portal, where you can access all your benefits as a 
graduate of Charis Bible College! 
Here, you’ll find resources to help you stay connected to Charis, 
including access to free teachings, encouraging testimonies, and more.




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Staying Connected With Other Alumni

Other alumni are built up and encouraged by your testimony, and their stories can build 
you up as well! Keep in touch with our Woodland Park events, the upcoming Alumni Retreat, 
and more. Make sure the connections that you made during your time at Charis are part of your 
lifelong community!


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Testimony Square




Ministry Opportunities

There are several ways to stay connected and spread the Gospel through Charis. Discover 
opportunities and how to host a Charis Bible Study. The world awaits the Good News!


Charis Bible Studies

Volunteer Opportunities

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Continuing Education

As a Charis alumnus, the entire world is open for you now 
that you are primed and ready to spread the truth of God’s unconditional 
love and grace. If you feel God calling you to continue your education,
we have resources to help you dive evedeeper into the Word and 
continue preparing for your destiny.




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Other Benefits

There are all kinds of bonuses to being a Charis alum! Don’t forget to check out our 
Facebook page and participate in challenges with other alumni. The fun is just beginning!





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