Should you be ordained?

Dear Applicant,

Charis Bible College Ordination is available to CBC graduates who are actively involved in a recognized five-fold ministry position on a regular basis. This would include such ministries as Pastors, Missionaries, Traveling Teachers and Evangelists, Associate Pastors, Bible College Teachers, etc., whose primary activity and source of income is derived from the ministry.

Ministries such as nursing home visitation, prison ministry, street evangelism, Bible studies, home groups and helps ministries, while vital to the work of the Kingdom, do not always require ordination. The CBC Ministerial License is sufficient in most cases.

Upon graduation from the 2nd year of Charis Bible College, you were granted a Ministerial License. The Charis Bible College Ministerial License is a valuable ministry tool in order to perform weddings, visit hospitals, nursing homes and those who are incarcerated. (Please be familiar with the laws in your State of residence with regard to these kinds of ministries).

For those CBC graduates who desire to be ordained through Charis Bible College, we offer the following information and application. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Barry Bennett

Dean of Students
Charis Bible College
P.O. Box 49459
Colorado Springs, CO 80949

How to Apply for Ordination


  • You may apply for ordination after a minimum of two years from the date of graduation and at least one year of recognized, verifiable, ongoing ministry that would be considered ‘five-fold’ (Eph. 4:11). This ministry would usually consume the majority of your time and effort, and not simply be a part time endeavor. This would normally  mean that your means of living would be derived from such ministry (1 Cor. 9:14).
  • Upon completing the Ordination Application, all answered questions, letters of recommendation, and testimonial letters need to be returned to the Dean of Students of the Charis Bible College from which you have graduated. (Review requirements listed below).
  • After a review from the CBC presbytery, the application process will be completed. If your application is considered favorably, you will receive a letter informing you of your acceptance, along with a request to contact the school to schedule your ordination interview.
  • If your request for ordination is denied, you will receive a letter explaining our decision and a recommendation as to where we feel growth is necessary for future consideration for ordination.
  • Note: If you are ministering out of a local church or other ministry, we recommend that you be ordained by that organization.



  • You must have met the graduation requirements and have a valid Charis Bible College Diploma and Ministerial License.
  • You must wait to apply for ordination at least two years from the date of graduation.
  • You must be actively involved in a verifiable ministry in which your spiritual giftings are recognized for at least one year.
  • You must agree with and sign the CBC Statement of Faith.


Application Steps

  1. Submit a cover letter which includes: personal information, name, address, phone number, email, and spouse's name (if married). This letter should also describe past and present ministry activities, as well as your vision for the future of your ministry.
  2. Submit two recent, passport size photographs of yourself that can be published.
  3. Submit the following letters of recommendation from:
    1. Your apostle, pastor, or the associate pastor over you. (This letter must include the amount of time you have served and your role within the church. If you are serving in a Para-church ministry, you must include a letter from the ministry leader).
    2. Two co-workers in the ministry where you are serving.
    3. Three people who have directly benefited from your ministry.
  4. Submit your answers to the following essay questions:
    1. Why do you want to be ordained through Charis Bible College?
    2. Why are you not being ordained where you are currently serving?
    3. What does ordination mean to you? Please support your answer with at least three scriptures.

Download Ordination Application



It is highly recommended that you stay connected with Charis Bible College through participation or attendance at CBC or AWM events. Events include: Gospel Truth Seminars, Summer Family Bible Conference, Ministers Conference, Expand
Your Vision, etc. Although not required, your participation will be considered.

Ordination with Charis Bible College will be reviewed every two years. You will be required to submit an Ordination Renewal, including a summary of your ministry activities, affirmation of Charis Bible College's Statement of Faith and pay a nominal fee for administrative purposes.

Charis Bible College reserves the right to revoke ordination due to personal behavior or ministry activity that is deemed incompatible with our beliefs, standards and ethics.

Download Ordination Renewal