Experience Charis at a whole new level—in the Leadership Program. Become the leader God has called you to be with our exclusive mix of ministry and business classes at a Charis Bible College near you!

3rd Year Leadership School

Has God called you to duplicate the Charis Bible College experience throughout the nations? Then Charis’ newest third-year program, Charis Leadership Program, is for you.

In this practical leadership course you’ll continue developing your teaching and administrative gifts, and receive leadership coaching from a current Charis director. 

In our exclusive mix of ministry and business classes, you’ll hear from experienced pastors, church leaders, and businessmen like: Andrew Wommack, Greg Mohr, Barry Bennett, Paul Milligan, Dr. Dean Radtke, Billy Epperhart, and Bob Yandian. You’ll learn about:

  • The Heart of a Pastor
  • The Evolution of Ministry
  • Anatomy of Revival
  • Developing Healthy Relationships
  • How to Teach
  • Purpose & Processes of a Successful Business
  • Basic CEO Training
  • Money Mastery
  • Raising Leaders
  • Developing Leadership in Ministry
  • And much more!

You’ll even receive systematic training in all aspects of running a Charis extension school, intern with a current Charis Bible College director, put your gifts to work in teaching and administrative labs, and experience first-hand the power of true Biblical leadership.

Enrollment is limited, and only available at select campuses.

Apply to Charis Colorado Leadership Program

Charis Third Year is available to graduates of Charis Bible College only. 

Many of our campuses offer a Third Year program where students apply for an internship at the school, but the Business, Creative Arts, Media, Ministry, Missions, Practical Government or Worship schools are exclusive to the Woodland Park, Colorado campus. The Leadership Program is exclusive to select Charis Campuses, including Colorado.

Leadership Program Application

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