Missions school at Charis Bible College

"Would you like flies with that order?"

- Dr. Delron Shirley, Director of the Missions School



3rd Year Missions School

The Missions School at Charis Bible College is designed to turn theory into practice by giving students an opportunity to experience cross-cultural ministry first hand through an extended stay on the mission field.

One of the unique features of this program is that in addition to ministry training, the students are required to stretch their faith by raising their own funds for the six-week mission experience to the Dominican Republic.

Ministry opportunities will include village evangelism, food distribution, kids’ crusades and prison outreaches. Additionally, students will have assignments in the community that will help them learn how to function in a non-English-speaking environment and in a system to which they are not accustomed.

The missions school at Charis Bible College

Top 5 Features of the Missions School

1. Our six-weeks on-the-field mission experience gives the student an opportunity to experience missionary life first-hand and for a long enough time to begin to truly understand what kind of commitment missionary life demands. 

2. Our students are required to raise their own funds for the missionary experience.

3. We spend a time each term visiting various missionary organizations in the Colorado Springs area so that the students can get an inside look at what it takes to run a missionary operation.

4. Numerous missionaries make on-campus visits as guest speakers and instructors for special courses.

5. Practical workshops allow the students to develop necessary skills such as developing sermon outlines, speaking in public, working with interpreters, praying with the sick, witnessing, performing dramas and puppet plays, and speaking elementary Spanish.


What type of person should enroll in Missions School?

People who are willing to have flies in their rice -- based on a joke about being able to tell a missionary because he can eat his rice even when a fly lands in it.  In fact, a hardcore missionary may even toss the rice and go for the fly because he is so tired of an all-rice diet.

Dr. Delron Shirley, director of Missions SchoolABOUT THE DIRECTOR, DR. DELRON SHIRLEY:
 Dr. Delron Shirley is founder and president of Teach All Nations Mission, an evangelical educational ministry. He is also the director of the School of Missions at Charis Bible College in Colorado Springs and serves as a consultant for Every Home for Christ in their discipleship department. Before moving to Colorado, Delron served for twenty-five years as dean of World Harvest Bible College and Indiana Christian University and worked as a chaplain in Yosemite National Park.

Apply to Charis Missions School

Charis Third Year is available to graduates of Charis Bible College only. 

Many of our campuses offer a Third Year program where students apply for an internship at the school, but the Business, Creative Arts, Media, Ministry, Missions, Practical Government or Worship schools are exclusive to the Woodland Park, Colorado campus. The Leadership Program is exclusive to select Charis Campuses, including Colorado.

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