Creative Arts School

Do you love to communicate through the performing arts and create entertainment that will bring glory to God? Well, rise up and help create it!

Our brand-new Creative Arts School is committed to creating art forms that have a crucial message and reflect excellence in quality. Our mission is to equip godly men and women with the tools and training to create and produce world-class art that bears the message of Christ.

This third-year track combines intense training and practical application. Courses include Spirit-Led Directing, Acting Technique, Creatively Fit, Movement and Identity, Voice Technique, Improvisation, Physical Theater, How to Analyze a Script, Practical Production, and many more.

Top Five Features of the Creative Arts School:
  1. We are dedicated to helping you determine your precise placement in the arts, according to the talents God has given you. 

  2. You will be equipped with the practical life skills needed in all areas of the creative arts: leadership, understanding and responding to others, public speaking/preaching, and conducting workshops, as well as decision making.

  3. You will be given industry-standard training in acting and dance practices, but the Holy Spirit will be our greatest guide for finding which methods work best for you.

  4. You will be stretched and challenged in a safe, encouraging, and enthusiastic environment that will allow you to explore what God has put in your heart for the arts.

  5. Through our own Charis Artistic Productions, you will have opportunities to disciple and inspire others to use their abilities in the creative arts.

What type of person should enroll in Creative Arts School?

We are looking for those who are excited about the creativity and physical demands that go along with theater and dance. So, if you have a heart to portray the Gospel on stage, then the Creative Arts School is certainly for you!


Daniel Amstutz, Director of the Worship SchoolABOUT THE DIRECTOR, DANIEL AMSTUTZ: Daniel Amstutz has been described by many as a “father” of the modern worship movement, helping to pioneer and mentor many who continue to have tremendous impact on the body of Christ and modern culture as well. He is a published songwriter and recording artist. He has served as a pastor and teacher of over thirty years, while continuing to mentor ministry leaders.

Apply to Charis Creative Arts School

Charis Third Year is available to graduates of Charis Bible College only. 

Many of our campuses offer a Third Year program where students apply for an internship at the school, but the Business, Creative Arts, Media, Ministry, Missions, Practical Government or Worship schools are exclusive to the Woodland Park, Colorado campus. The Leadership Program is exclusive to select Charis Campuses, including Colorado.

Creative Arts School Application